GAG's (Graphic Artist Guild) did a spotlight interview on my work over the years and what has fueled my passion! 

Checkout the May GAG Newsletter for the full interview!



Hey All! Check out my interview with Artsy Shark!


"My Career as a Children's Book Illustrator." 

They ask how I got into the illustration business, different roles I have had and tips for future illustrators!

Check out the interview here!

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Look who's back! This mini E.T. holiday reunion commerical brings back the characters in 12 books, I illustrated after the original movie debuted. Elliot is all grown up and E.T. hasn't changed a bit!

I hope all have a safe travel for the holidays!


Check out this link for the full commercial!

 ©Universal from E.T. and Elliott

 ©Universal from E.T. Learn the Alphabet


It's official. My latest Corduroy board book "Merry Christmas Corduroy" by Viking Books, will be in stores Fall 2020. Many, many are working on it right now. I just got the cover image and here it is.




I'm trying to get all done for the next one "Happy Easter Corduroy" as fast as I can!


It is so fun to see that Corduroy shared the stage with Saturday Night Live host RuPaul! What an honor. 

Here's a link to the appearance of Corduroy on SNL with RuPaul.. also highlighted Madeline, my first licensed character, AND while at Simon & Schuster I was the model for Nancy Drew's BFF George for the books they published then. I saw RuPaul many years ago in a popup surprise show at a club in NYC and he looks JUST THE SAME!!, I don't : )

Donate Books

Just sent some books to a very cool program run by Society of Childrens' Book Writers and Illustrators to donate books to worthy organizations. I sent Nate the Greats, Little House on the Prairie Books, and more


If you love children's book illustrations and watercolors, check out the wearables, cards, and more at my Zazzle Store. Click the image below to visit my store. 

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